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Alpha Athletics

Crossfit Gym in Little Rock

Here's What We Offer You

Foundations Class


Your fitness journey begins with Foundations, a required two-week cross training class, to prepare you for group classes. Guided by a professional coach, you will focus on foundational movements such as:

  • Gymnastics 
  • Squat Form (Overhead, Back, & Front)
  • Pressing Series Gymnastics (Strict Press, Push Press, & Push Jerk)
  • Deadlift Form
  • Olympic Lifting Form
  • Nutrition and Diet Consultation 

Coaches will provide you with an individualized modifications for all movements and ages. This two-week class is held each month. Classes are 45 minutes and held: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  All Alpha Athletic Foundation classes are part of your membership! 

contact Beth Ann at bap@alphaathleticsfit.com



Once the foundations course is complete, you are ready to jump into the Group CrossFit classes. Unlimited 60 minute classes are held at various times throughout the week.  Join other members in a group setting to tone, strengthen, and build endurance.  Each class begins with a group warm-up, coach-guided movements, strength activities, WOD (work out of the day), accessory movement, abs, and group stretching. It sounds like a lot, but it's the formula that we have found brings the best results and is the most fun! Not sure if you can do it all? It's okay, fitness is a journey and our coaches provide individualized modifications, as needed. 

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Personal Training


If you are looking for one-on-one customized fitness and a nutrition plan to fit your busy schedule then sign up for Personal Training.  

We recommend three times a week for maximum benefits. Together we will work to accomplish your goals. 

Contact Beth Ann at bap@alphaathleticsfit.com to schedule an assessment and to match you with the right coach for meeting your fitness needs.  Prices vary based upon the number of sessions.

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6-week Revamp


If cross-training isn’t for you, then check out 6-week revamp. Classes are designed to give you a total body workout while improving your overall fitness level in the shortest time possible.  Expect running, rowing, athletic drills, body weight exercises, plyometrics, and kettlebell swings.

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Develop those healthy practices in your kids and join the Kidsfit Group classes! 

Classes are available for ages 5-7 and 8-11. 

We focus on form, movement and nutrition to develop a love and commitment to healthy lifestyles.  Sports-specific exercises are integrated to provide kids with fun activities. 

Alpha Athletics takes pride in making exercise fun while teaching kids safe and effective movements for their age and body build.  Kidsfit classes are 45 minutes and held Tuesdays and Thursday.  Monthly memberships are $60 per child with discounts for additional children. 

Sign up at the front desk or contact Beth Ann at bap@alphaathleticsfit.com (501-517-0512).

Adult Gymnastics


Want to get better at your handstand? Learn to tumble? Work on mechanics? Join us every Saturday at 9AM for a gymnastics workshop. 

*This is included in your memberships or $10 for drop-ins. Try something new! See you there.

Ready to see for yourself?

We would love to have you drop in for a workout. If this is something totally new for you, give us a call! You have to start somewhere, and we would love for it to be here. 

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